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Dr. Jeremy Archer, pediatric cardiologist, brings his experience to bear for your Expert Witness, Medical Editing, and Practice Development needs.

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Services Available

Medical Expert Witness

Unbiased review of the most challenging cases with thorough, professional reports and testimony.

As an expert witness, Dr. Archer maintains an uncompromising focus on the facts of the case.  His ability to understand and distill complex clinical scenarios, his clear and persuasive writing style, and his straightforward style of speaking make him an effective expert for plantiff’s and defense counsel alike.

Medical Editing

Ensure high quality medical publications with the most updated and evidence-informed recommendations.

Dr. Archer is an experienced medical author and editor, serving as a reviewer for multiple scientific journals and since 2014 as the pediatric cardiology editor for a major point-of-care reference tool where he has contributed to over 30 monographs.  His own research has focused on the diagnosis and impact of congenital heart disease in premature infants.

Practice Development

Looking out for customized solutions for a service-oriented, high-quality, and financially responsible practice?

Dr. Archer has spent his career building relationships with patients, team members, and referring providers to build and grow practices. His focus is on developing smaller practices that leverage both their small size and their relationship to larger centers to maintain the highest quality of care delivered where the patient needs it.